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Meet Ellie - the inspiration for Team Ellie



When Ellie was just a few days shy of her 2nd birthday, a small bump was found on her tummy.  This bump was actually a tumor in her kidney that was about the size of two softballs.  What's worse is that the cancer had also moved to her lung.  She had Stage IV Widely Diffuse Anaplastic Wilm's Tumor.  A very rare and extremely aggressive form of kidney cancer.  She was immediately admitted to Children's Hospital Colorado and began a 14 month journey of surgeries, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, blood transfusions and more.  She was given less than a 1 in 3 chance of surviving.  

Not only did Ellie survive, but she thrives!  This year Ellie was able to give back to Children's Hospital by riding in the Family Day for the past two years at the Courage Classic to benefit Children's Hospital Colorado.  Also, she has passed her six year mark for remission this summer and is technically cured from cancer.  

Team Ellie rides and raises money for childhood cancer to honor Ellie's journey and to create more happy endings for more cancer families.  

Team Ellie hosts a carnival every year to help raise money and awareness for Pediatric Cancer.  We also cycle in the Courage Classic each year to raise money for Children's Hospital Colorado.  We are always in need of volunteers and riders!

Team Ellie is dedicated to helping children stricken with cancer and their families.  We know the journey through cancer is one of the worst experiences a family can endure and we are here to help make the journey easier.  

Ellie's Annual Carnival is taking place on September 20th, 2015.  We are always in need of donations, volunteers and of course, participants!  Click on the flyer below to learn more.

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Help kids who are fighting cancer.

Team Ellie has been riding and raising money for childhood cancer causes since 2009, including Children's Hospital Colorado.  The team has ridden over 10,000 miles and has raised over $100,000 to support those children and their families affected by childhood cancer.

The 2015 Carnival is September 20th!  Click on the Flyer for more details!




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Riding to help cure Pediatric Cancer!